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KKK Turbos

KKK Turbo . 

KKK part numbers can be found on a very distinctive blue plate plate which is riveted onto the compressor housing.

The part number will be on the bottom row of numbers on the plate. An example of this would be 5304-970-0023. They also come in an abbreviated style such as KP04-0055or BV04-023


Look for the name plate of the turbo. In the old series like 3LD, 4LF you can usually find the identification name plate on the bearing housing of the turbo or on the compressor housing, held by 2 screws. Although in the K series the name plate usually appears on the compressor housing, and in the new series KP and BV the identification name plate only appears in the compressor housing.

Once you find the name plate there are several possibilities.

In the name plate appears the 3K part number, usually directly after the 'p/n' or 'part number' inscription, which already identifies the turbo for us.

In some of the K0 and KP the part numbers appear abbreviated, see the examples below:


  •         K03-011 = 5303-988-0011
  •         K031-014 = 5303-988-0014
  •         K04-001 = 5304-988-0001
  •         KP31-002 = 5431-988-0002
  •         KP35-000 = 5435-988-0000
  •         KP39-007 = 5439-988-0007


If you have trouble finding the correct turbo number for your vehicle after looking through this guide please call us , as we have access to a whole library of technical data.

We will be able to find it from your car registration number or by asking you a few simple questions.

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