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Schwitzer Turbos

Schwitzer Turbo. 


Look for the identification name plate of the turbo, which you can usually find on the body of the turbo or on the inlet plate, held by 2 clinches.

Once you find the identification name plate there are several possibilities:

  1. On the name plate there is a Schwitzer part number, usually ( directly after the p/n or part number), where the turbo is already identified.

          2. Only the O.E.M. part number (that of the maker of the engine) appears on the name plate, this is normally the case with CATERPILLAR, DETROIT DIESEL, JOHN DEERE, PERKINS and K.H.DEUTZ, this is why we need to search for the crossing using the search of this Web site, introducing the O.E.M. part number and searching by O.E.M. part number ( it should maintain the same style with spaces, hyphens, etc...).





If you have trouble finding the correct turbo number for your vehicle after looking through this guide please call us , as we have access to a whole library of technical data.
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We will be able to find it from your car registration number or by asking you a few simple questions.


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