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Remanufactured Turbos



The Reality.

As a professional organisation in the Turbo remanufacturing arena we want to provide a product that is second to none , however the reality of remanufactured turbochargers is that by definition they tend to be old , used and worn components which have come to the end of their life.

No matter how much turbo remanufacturers wax lyrical about how wonderful their remanufacturing process  is and how many years the turbo will last, the sad reality is that in order to maximise profits the turbo cartridge  ( also known as the CHRA or Core ) has in all probability just had a new set of seals and bearings put in. Any other damage is normally fixed by  using cannibalised parts from other old turbos.

Turbochargers need to rev at up to 250,000 RPM , in order for them to provide maximum boost they need to be in tip top condition  changing the seals and bearings does not do that.


Our offering.

  As a progressive company we feel that building up a following of loyal and satified customers is key to our success , this can only be achieved by providing a excellent product backed by a strong warranty at a excellent price.

  so what makes our product unique  ? and why should you buy from us ?.


> We do not use old turbine cores (CHRA)  in our remanufacturing process.

> when exchange turbochargers are received back we throw the old tubine cores (CHRA) in the scrap.

> We buy Turbo (CHRA) in bulk and offset labour costs ( by not repairing old turbo cores) , we can then pass the benefits on to our customers.

> Because we essentially sell you a new Turbo , we know that it will last you at least 8-10 years therefore a 2 year warranty is a no brainer for us.

> We are a small but very professional company always ready to help with questionsand to give advice.


Our remanufactured Turbochargers.


All our Turbos without exception come with a brand new Turbine Unit this means your Turbo will have .


  • Brand new Bearing housing.


  • Brand new Turbine Shaft.

  • Brand new (Full set) seals & Bearings.



  • Brand new Compressor wheel.


  • Brand new Backplate.


Given that the Turbine unit (CHRA) is the component that has the impellers on both ends it is the Turbo , the other components around it are the casings to guide the air to and from its impellers, when a turbo fails it is this component that is repaired.


A complete Turbine unit (CHRA).



See how it all comes together Here.

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